3-phased batch process


3-phased batch process Phase 1:  Charging of the VR unit We charge the our VRC unit with the neutralization granulate and the material to be converted. After that the VRC-unit will be closed air-tight. Phase 2:  Neutralization/Conversion With our patented conversion process first the harmful substances are neutralized to then convert the input materials in the next […]

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Oil and carbon out of plastic waste – Exposé of patent

Expose Titelbild

Exposé of patent of the process to produce activated carbon to the purpose of the complete recycling of disposals / garbage and caloric materials into the material flow cycle Last revision: Jan 1st, 2015 Content 1. Introduction 2. Why not burn immiadiately 3. Advantages of a chemical/physical process against burning 4. Experiences and developments to date 5. The patent […]

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Self-sufficient energy house – free power + thermal energy


A E H GmbH i.G Manufacturing and trading company Im Hainghof 13, D – 49124 Georgsmarienhütte Tel. 0049 5401 836 449, FAX 0049 5401 836 696 Mobil 0049 170 4762 530, email info@wsk-anlagen.de Overall concept (Much seems to be impossible until someone does it) Nature constantly gives us more energy than we can consume. Let […]

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Wind trap technical data and prices

Windfalle 2

Wind trap Technical data: Rated power max. 9.9 kWh Unit price exWork for self assembly 20,000 € + VAT (not applicable if exported) Annual performance at following wind powers Wind hours  Wind speed    Annual performance 1,000            4 meter/s. averaged  minimum 3.000 kWh 2,000            6 meter/s. averaged  minimum […]

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Scrap becomes oil


Waste materials turn to oil The new processing procedure first neutralizes the harmful substances if existing in the input. After the oxygene contingent has beend reduced, the wanted energetic vapor arises. The chemical/physical process has the advantage against the thermal process that more C3 und C4 (short-chained) hydrocarbons result.   VRC-unit (without cover) with condensator The vapor arising […]

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Physical and chemical processes

Fragmentation of organic waste to hydrogen and nano carbon That way organic waste become valuable intermidiates: Thermal fragmentation without oxygen. During the thermal fragmentation organic waste is converted to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. By combining these gases synthesis gas results. At the same time by merging the cleaned and gathered hydrogen with carbon […]

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Self-sustaining electric power generator

ASPS Anlage

German language version – to be translated A S P S (Autarkes Strom Produktions System) Bereits jetzt wird auf vielfältige Art und Weise aus Wärme Strom produziert. Unser neuartiges System ist wirtschaftlicher, zuverlässiger und effizienter als alles bisher Angebotene und es entstehen keine Emissionen. Wärme aus unterschiedlichsten Quellen ab 10°C wird thermodynamisch in Synergie mehrfach […]

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